Cat and Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare in Dallas, TX

Whether you’re planning to be away from your pet for a week or just during the day, let them romp and play at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital, where we offer year-round dog daycare and cat and dog boarding in our Pet Spa and Hotel! We provide all the luxuries of home for both cats and dogs to make their stay enjoyable and safe. All of our guests are supervised by our specially trained staff during their stay. You can be confident your companion will be in good hands. While not staffed 24 hours a day, we do offer special prearranged late-night walks or, if needed, special boarding arrangements. Call (214) 826-4166 to book your pet’s stay with us!

Cat and Dog Boarding Requirements and Amenities

Your four-legged family member will enjoy our custom designed boarding facility with amenities that best suit their needs. Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is happy to provide Royal Canin food at mealtimes, or you may provide your furry friend’s favorite food from home. All pets are given fresh water, clean bedding and blankets; as well as, an abundance of fun toys every day.

Dog Boarding in Dallas

For the safety of all our guests, each canine is required to be current on their vaccinations, including Bordetella. Having a negative intestinal parasite exam is also required. The following is a list of other dog boarding amenities that we offer:

  • Indoor kennels and large runs
  • Play yard webcams
  • Small dog access to indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Large dog access to an in-ground pool in our outdoor play area 

Dog Boarding Package Options

In addition to the amenities listed above, you can choose from the following dog boarding packages for your companion:

a dog playing with a toy

Socialite Boarding (Popular Choice)

  • Directed group play
  • Pool privileges
  • Texts of your pet’s boarding experience (time permitting)
  • Prices vary based on pet’s weight
  • Webcam viewing of play yards

Pampered Pet Boarding (Popular Choice)

  • Supervised interactive individual play
  • Pool privileges
  • Texts of your pet’s boarding experience (time permitting)
  • Prices vary based on pet’s weight
  • Webcam viewing of play yards

Penthouse Boarding

  • Socialite activities during the day
  • Private nighttime room and play area
  • Guests must be 0-25 lbs.
  • Webcam viewing in both play yards and sleeping quarters

Lone Ranger Boarding

  • Individual outside time throughout the day
  • Prices vary based on pet’s weight

Standard Boarding

  • Outdoor potty breaks 2-3 times a day
  • Guests must be 0-25 lbs.

Cat Boarding in Dallas

For our feline guests, we recommend updated vaccinations along with a negative intestinal parasite exam. The following is a list of cat boarding amenities we offer:

  • Kennel or spacious cat condo, allowing plenty of room for jumping and playing
  • Litter change twice a day
  • Calming music and pheromone therapy to help reduce stress
  • Access to a variety of toys and personal attention
  • Warm, comfortable beds

Dog Daycare in Dallas, TX: Two Dogs Standing in Dog BedAdditional services; such as nail trimming and bathing, may be added to any pet’s boarding stay for an additional fee. We also offer late night walks or check ins for pets needing a little extra TLC.  More information about our canine boarding packages, including pricing, is available on our Boarding Admission Form.

Book Your Pet’s Boarding Stay

If you’d like to book your pet’s stay at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital, pricing or additional information, please feel free to give us a call at (214) 826-4166. We’re confident your canine or feline companion will enjoy their stay with us!