Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Dallas, TX

The same as humans require rounds of vaccinations early in life, so do pets. Today, we’ve contained many highly contagious and dangerous animal diseases only through the responsible use of cat and dog vaccinations. Humans cannot contract most of the illnesses pets are at risk for, but some can. By law, all pets are vaccinated against rabies due to its prevalence in wildlife. At our animal hospital in Dallas, TX, we administer core vaccines and ones determined according to lifestyle for maximum prevention of disease.

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Dog Vaccinations We Offer in Dallas, TX

Like all pet vaccinations, cat and dog vaccinations stimulate an immune response through small doses of active bacteria or viruses. In turn, antibodies are strengthened. So that when pets are exposed to diseases they’d otherwise be at risk for, their bodies recognize it and fight it off. Puppies are still growing and are vulnerable to illness and parasites, making puppy shots an important part of your pet’s life. Upon adoption, schedule a wellness visit so we can administer vaccines to keep them healthy.

Necessary Core Dog Vaccines

Certain vaccines are considered core by the veterinarian community at large because of the risk they pose to all pets. Dogs and have specific diseases they must be protected against. Vaccines dogs must be administered include canine distemper and rabies. The canine distemper vaccine protects dogs against four dangerous diseases in just one dose. After puppies receive initial vaccination, preferably between 6-10 weeks of age, they receive several series of boosters to maximize immunities. Adult dogs are readministered only once every three years for both canine distemper and rabies.

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Lifestyle-Specific Dog Vaccines

During your pet’s annual wellness examinations, we carefully assess your pet’s lifestyle. In addition to helping us create individualized treatment plans, this helps us determine what lifestyle vaccines your pet requires.

Some of the questions we ask to help us determine lifestyle vaccines include:

  • Is your dog ever boarded?
  • Does your dog frequent dog parks or are they otherwise exposed to different pets?
  • Do you travel often with your pet? If so, where do you bring them?

Once your pet’s lifestyle is assessed, we may recommend noncore vaccines to ensure they’re fully protected from illness. Bordetella protects against what is commonly referred to as kennel cough and leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that thrives in certain areas. Different parts of the country have seen outbreaks of canine influenza, and we may recommend your pet be vaccinated against this as well.

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Vaccinations for Dallas, TX, Cats

As kittens are growing, they’re also vulnerable to infections and illness. Ideally, they should be brought in for a nose-to-tail examination between 6-10 weeks of age. At this time, we test for feline viral rhinotracheitis (FIV) and feline leukemia (FeLV). While vaccination against FeLV is not considered core in adult cats, ones that go outside should be revaccinated every 2-3 years.

Necessary Core Cat Vaccines

After initial vaccination, kittens receive a series of boosters that protect them against feline distemper. We prefer to administer rabies after 14 weeks of age for cats and dogs. The feline distemper vaccine, otherwise known as FVRCP, offers immunities against three different illnesses. Adult cats are readministered protection against feline viral rhinotrachetis, calcivirus, and panleukopenia every three years. We readminister rabies either every one or three years, depending on your cat’s lifestyle.

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