Online Vet Visits in Dallas, TX with Telemedicine


Telemedicine has historically been an innovative part of human medicine well before smartphones had been introduced to the market. That said, the virtual care movement is in full swing given the rise and advancement in mobile technology. Our animal hospital in Dallas, TX, can now access care in veterinary medicine quite seamlessly through virtual care apps, which enable you to connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

It saves you a trip to the vet and provides the peace of mind and convenience that a pet parent is looking for in the modern-day veterinary practice. Rather than calling the clinic phone or emailing your vet a question about your pet, you can now engage in a video call or chat with your vet from the Anipanion app.

If anything is concerning you, the Anipanion app will serve as a communication bridge to help you address any issues that may come up for your furry loved one. This next-generation virtual care platform will help your veterinary team gain more clarity to assess your pet’s condition and empower them to offer you the best advice possible.

online vet visits dallas, tx
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Virtual Care Pricing

Live Chat Consult is $35 during open hours
($45 after hours)

Video Call Consult is $55 for 15 min
(Billed at a pro-rated rate if call goes over 15 min)

Are All Pets Eligible For Telemedicine?

When it comes to enhancing and improving patient care, the AVMA encourages veterinarians to make the best use of technology possible, while still maintaining high-quality, safe, responsible veterinary practices. In order to do so, the AVMA permits veterinarians to practice telemedicine inside their veterinary license’s issuing state. Except in the event of an emergency, veterinarians are only allowed to provide patient-specific advice, treatments, or dietary recommendations via telemedicine for patients with whom they have an established veterinarian-client patient relationship (VCPR).

This means Rutherford Veterinary Hospital can conveniently provide telemedicine via electronic communication to all of our established patients. Whether your pet needs a follow-up observation or a refilled prescription, our veterinarians can help over the phone, by email, or using an online video chat. Become a new client by giving us a call at (214) 826-4166.

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