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Cat and Dog X-rays and Diagnostics in Dallas, TX

Whether your pet is in need of routine X-rays, or they’ve experienced an emergency situation which requires immediate care, Rutherford Veterinary Hospital can meet your pet’s needs with our custom-designed treatment and laboratory area. When you bring your pet to our hospital for pet diagnostics or lab services, our highly-trained staff will treat your pet with the patience and respect they deserve, making sure that the results are ready quickly. Call (214) 826-4166 to learn more!

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital’s Diagnostic and Lab Services

Our veterinarians use state-of-the-art diagnostic and lab equipment to treat and diagnose many types of diseases and health problems pets may experience in their lives. Our pet diagnostics and lab services include: 

  • Digital X-rays (whole body and dental): We use digital radiography equipment for our cat and dog X-rays which minimizes radiation exposure to provide your pet with a quick and safe diagnostic tool for many conditions, such as bladder stones, organ enlargement, tumor detection and bone or dental fractures.
  • Ultrasound: Non-invasive, high frequency sound waves are used to create real-time images of many internal organs, muscles, tendons and even blood flow through vessels. This allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis of many conditions and can influence treatment decisions. We can provide in-depth onsite evaluations through a mobile ultrasound service or referral to a local Internal Specialist if needed.
  • Complete on-site chemistry panel, electrolyte evaluation, CBC (complete blood count), and urinalysis equipment: These quick blood and urine tests allow us to give immediate medical advice, diagnose illness and structure treatment plans. Additional in-house tests, such as canine/feline pancreas-specific lipase snap test, thyroid values, heartworm testing and tick disease screenings, feline leukemia and FIV detection, and canine parvovirus testing are available.
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG): This noninvasive test measures the electrical activity in your pet’s heart. It’s extremely helpful in diagnosing enlarged hearts, abnormal heart rhythms and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • In-house cytology and evaluations: This medical specialty allows for diagnosis of conditions by evaluating tissue samples. Samples are collected by swabbing or scraping specific areas of the body or drawn out by suction from a small needle. The collected samples are then placed on slides, prepared by use of special stains, and microscopically evaluated so a diagnosis can be made. If needed, there is an outside pathologist who is able to further review
  • Full parasite evaluations: These include intestinal fecal analysis, giardia testing, monitoring for fleas and ticks and skin scrapings for the detection of mites.

If you believe your pet can benefit from our cat and dog X-rays and diagnostic services, please give our Dallas, TX animal hospital hospital a call at (214) 826-4166. Our goal at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is to make sure your pet receives an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible so they can get the treatment they need.