Comprehensive Pet Surgery in Dallas, TX

If your pet is in need of surgical services, Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is able to provide a fully equipped stand-alone surgery suite. Whether it’s a routine procedure, or an emergency situation, our well-trained veterinarians are able to perform many orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. Before your pet’s surgery, we will walk you through every step of the process, from pre-surgery prep to post-surgery recovery. We welcome your questions and want to work with you as a comprehensive medical care team for your pet.

Call our veterinarians at (214) 826-4166 with any questions. Your understanding and being part of the process will allow you to make informed decisions concerning your pet’s health and well-being.

pet surgery Dallas, TX

Your Pet’s Comfort and Safety During Surgery Are Paramount

Pets anesthetized at our hospital are monitored with state-of-art equipment. Anytime anesthesia is administered or surgery is performed, regardless of how small, there are risks. It is important to the doctors and staff of Rutherford Veterinary Hospital that all means possible are used to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. One of the ways to minimize these risks is by performing a pre-anesthesia physical examination, pre-operative blood work and ECG screening for at risk patients.

Our hospital stands by the AAHA anesthesia guidelines and surgical recommendation that closely mimic human anesthetic procedures. Pre-medication is provided to reduce stress, increase sedation and initiate analgesia (pain control) before anesthetic induction. Induction, in most cases, is with PropoFlo, a drug commonly used in human medical procedures. Induction allows an endotracheal tube to be placed to protect the patient’s airways and a surgical plane of anesthesia is maintained by Isoflurane throughout the procedure.

Our well-trained staff closely monitors all patients throughout and during recovery. We utilize advanced monitoring equipment to evaluate ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, capnography and temperature readings. Another layer of protection during anesthesia is provided to all surgical or dental patients though receiving an intravenous catheter directly into a blood vessel so fluids can be administered to protect and maintain circulating blood volumes. Additional pain medication, warming devices and emergency drugs are available at all times.

Provide Your Pet With the Care

For any and all pet surgery services, please make Rutherford Veterinary Hospital your first choice. Please feel free to contact our hospital at (214) 826-4166 if you would like more information on the pet surgery services we provide. We would be happy to speak to you, and answer any questions you have.