Things to Consider When Boarding Your Cat in Dallas, TX

It’s not as easy to bring a cat on vacation compared to bringing your dog. There is a lot to pack, including a bulky litter box and litter. It is also true that not all cats like going to new and unfamiliar places, but some cats cannot be left alone at home.

This only leaves one option: cat boarding. Through this article, our Dallas, TX, veterinarians will dive into what cat boarding is, and the overall benefits compared to leaving your cat at home or allowing them to travel with you.

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What is Cat Boarding?

Before we can dive into the benefits and the things to look for when choosing to board your cat, we need to understand what the practice is. Cat boarding is simply the care of your cat at a place not at your home that will take care of your cat while you are away. 

There are animal hospitals and daycare buildings that allow cat boarding. This is a good option for cats that are both socialized or not, as many cat boarding facilities offer kitty condos and private areas for cats that enjoy keeping to themselves.

The Benefits of Cat Boarding

Although boarding may cause your cat stress, there are benefits that you should consider when making the decision. It is better to board your cat with a professional rather then leaving them at home.

There is always a fear that your pet may get hurt and you will come home to an unsightly scene. Even though you can try and plan for providing enough food and water in a gravity feeder, anything can happen. If your cat gets stressed out, it is possible they will knock over their water bowl or overeat.

When they are in a cat boarding situation though, the likeliness of these scenarios decreases because there is someone actively watching them physically. If there are any messes, they can be cleaned up right away.

Cat boarding also gives your feline friend a chance to bond and socialize with other humans and pets. This is great if you are looking to get another pet but aren’t sure how they would react to each other.

3 Things to Look for When Boarding Your Cat

You should always research, check, and vet the locations and people you are interested in boarding your cat to. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the person or facility, but if your cat has special needs that requires additional attention and qualifications, it’s important that the place boarding your cat can tend to them.

General Area

Always ask to see the general areas your cat will be around. This includes where they will be sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom. It is best to see the area so you can plan around it and provide enough toys and materials.

If the area is too small and you know that your cat has a lot of energy, this is something you can talk to the cat boarding place about. They may have solutions!

Are There Other Pets?

Not all cats get alone with other pets and animals. Although it is possible to raise a cat with dogs or birds, it does not always happen. Either because of a traumatic experience or because of discomfort, some cats cannot be in the same room as other pets.

This is why you should always ask the boarding location if they will be around other animals. This could be a deal breaker and it is understandable as to why.


Some locations allow for trial periods to see how your pet will adapt to the boarding facility. This is perfect because it allows a first meeting to ensure that the process is smooth. Your cat should build a relationship or connection with the ones caring for them prior to your vacation or day trip. This way, on the day of, there are no surprises. You should plan for everything.

Our Animal Hospital in Dallas, TX, is Here When You’re Ready to Board Your Cat

Overall, it is good to ask questions and inspect the general area of a cat boarding location. When you have to leave for a few nights, it is best to place your cat in a cat boarding location. This is because anything can happen, and you want your feline friend to be safe and well taken care of!

Double check though before booking that the area has enough space, materials and that it is secure. Some places do not have enough locks and your cat can escape. And last, but not least, check the boarding facility’s reviews.

Our Dallas, TX, animal hospital offers comfortable and reliable cat boarding services. To schedule your cat’s stay away from home, give Rutherford Veterinary Hospital a call at (214) 826-4166.