What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Bed in Dallas, TX

Dog beds are comfortable and great. Although they are technically not necessary, they are great additions to a new home! When giving your dog a new and comfortable bed, it is best to provide them with one that it their size and can fit in your home.


Some dog owners have different dog beds for many occasions. Some can fit in their cars, which makes transporting and traveling with a dog a lot easier. There are a few things you should consider when looking to purchase a dog bed including the purpose, price, durability, comfort level, and size. Read our Dallas, TX, animal hospital‘s article to find out more.

dog bed

Why Use a Dog Bed?

Since dog beds are not necessary, there may be a lot of eyebrow raises at the mention of purchasing one. Surprisingly though, there are a lot of benefits that come with purchasing a dog bed. For one, it makes your home look neater!

When you have a dog bed in your home, there is a special place for your pet. It feels more comfortable and adds a decoration most people don’t think of. If you are nervous about having a dog bed in your home because you have a specific style, simply buy the dog bed in that unique style.

Dog beds also make cleaning up a lot easier! Are you allergic to dog fur and dust? Instead of letting your dog sleep on your furniture or the carpet, they should stay on their designated bed. This is perfect and makes it easier to clean as you can vacuum your dog’s bed instead of the couch and your mattress. The lack of fur everywhere can help people suffering from dog and fur allergies.

Dog beds are also super comfortable, and our furry friends love them! The extra comfort helps with back pain and can give your dog a good night’s sleep.

What Features are Necessary for a Dog Bed?

There are a lot of features you should consider when choosing to buy a dog bed. Not all dog beds are made the same and should not be treated the same either. Things to consider would be the overall price, durability, comfort, and size when purchasing a dog bed.


Before you start your journey, you should set a budget. It is a lot easier to save money when there is a physical budget and limit on the amount an item can be. Thankfully, you are in luck! Dog beds are affordable, especially depending on where you go to look for one.

Large dog beds with medicated pads and orthopedic cushioning though does come with an extra price, but it is for a good reason!


Your dog’s bed should also be durable. Who wants a dog bed that will break easily? Some dogs are rough and like to bite, claw, and tug at new fabrics. If this is the case for your dog, we recommend finding a durable material and a dog bed that does not have large amounts of fluff or feathers inside. This way, you don’t have to worry about a mess.

If you need to test out the durability in a store, simply pull at the material a few times. Some beds also have warranties, keep your receipt just in case.


The comfort levels are just as important as the durability of the dog bed. Your dog should want to use their dog bed. It is best to find a dog bed with plenty of cushion and comfort. This includes the material on the inside of the bed and on the outside!


The size is probably the most important feature to consider. When purchasing a dog bed, try and find a size that not only fits the size of your dog, but also the location you want to place it in. If you want to buy your extra small dog breed a large bed, there is nothing wrong with this if you have the space for it.

If you want to, you can measure the size of your dog, however, purchasing a size is as easy as knowing the general breed of your dog. The sizes are displayed on the labels as small, medium, and large. If you want to, you can also customize dog bedding so that it fits your dog perfectly.

Reach Out to Our Dallas, TX, Veterinarians to Determine the Best Dog Bed for Your Best Friend 

Dog beds are technically not a requirement to own a dog, but they make the process a lot easier. There are many benefits to owning and using a dog bed that should be considered and used. We recommend purchasing two to three dog beds and placing them throughout your home. One dog bed should be collapsible, this way you can take it on your travels.

The other two dog beds should be placed in rooms that your dog likes to be in. Dogs will follow their humans around, and getting them a bed can discourage them from using the furniture and spreading their fur around.

If you have any questions about which dog bed is best for your canine, be sure to ask your Dallas, TX, veterinarian during your next visit or give our animal hospital a call at (214) 826-4166