Best Dog Parks and Dog-Friendly Trails in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX, is a city that is very dog-friendly! Not only are there various restaurants, bars, and diners that allow dogs inside and outside, but there are also beautiful parks and trails. Dogs require a lot of exercises, and like humans, enjoy being outside with nature.

Going outside for walks with your dog not only stimulates your dog physically as they are walking and exercising but also opens their mind. They get to see new and exciting things all around them to enjoy. Dog-friendly parks and trails are difficult to find, though. Some parks and trails do not allow dogs, even if they are leashed.

There are also other dog-friendly trails that do not provide rest stops, drinking water, or trash cans to dispose of your dog’s waste. It can be frustrating to find a dog park or trail in your area. Thankfully, there are a few outstanding options! If you are looking for family-friendly and fur-friendly trails in Dallas, TX, read the list below.


Dog Parks and Trails in Dallas, TX

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

Usually, nature preserves do not let dogs on their trails or parks because they can cause disturbances. Also, as dogs urinate, they leave their scent behind, which triggers large animals to find them, like wolves and bears. Thankfully, in Dallas, TX, there aren’t any bears in the parks or dog-friendly trails.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve offers more than nine miles of hiking trails in over 600 acres of land that are all protected as a nature preserve. In this nature preserve, it is common to see doggy waste stations, other Dallas residents walking, and dogs!

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve also has many volunteer options for residents interested in preserving nature. These volunteer events occur each month at least once. The nature preserve asks all hikers to wear headphones and refrain from playing music or audio out loud so that everyone can enjoy the peaceful and serene experience.

Katy Trail

Katy Trail is another remarkable dog-friendly trail located in Dallas, TX. This particular trail wraps around the Dallas area for a total of 4.4 miles. While the trail is not excessively long, it is beautiful as the trail goes through both Uptown and Oaklawn communities in Dallas.

This trail, unlike the others listed in this article, is historic and rich in stories! This historic trail has been in operation for over two decades. It is currently run and operated solely on donations by a private organization that maintains the area. However, the trails and surrounding area are all part of The City of Dallas. No one makes a profit from the trail, and they are also very dog-friendly! They do ask, however, to keep your dog on a short, not long, leash.

Trinity Forest Trail

This trail is another dog-friendly one that is both long and unique! The Trinity Forest Trail is located in Dallas, TX, and has over 8 miles of trails to explore. While this is the case, they are actually expanding the trails to 10 miles in the next few years! Currently, as of now, they are under construction and working on expanding the loop.

The Trinity Forest Trail provides plenty of waste stations, water breaks, and benches to sit on. The trail goes through a lake that offers fishing and a canoe launch. Like other trails, the ones who keep up the maintenance ask all dog owners to keep their pets on a leash to not cause any disturbances. Remember to always pick up after your dog! No one wants to accidentally step in waste unexpectedly while taking a nice walk.

Kiest Park Trail

Kiest Park Trail is a favorite among Dallas, TX residents. Many people use this short trail, which only reaches 2.2 miles in length, and they are friendly and talkative. If you love dogs, people, and having conversations, Kiest Park Trail is a good fit for you. While it is a small trail with people, it does not feel crowded. The concrete trails are wide and offer ample space for everyone. The atmosphere is calm and beautiful as well!

During this trail, you and your dog can either use the main trail with concrete for beginners or explore near the wooded areas on Oak Cliff Nature Preserve. The trails that are man-made and explored can be dangerous and slippery, though. Be careful walking your dog in these sections as they can slip after a rainy day.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located in Plano, TX, a suburb outside of Dallas, TX. This is another super popular and locally famous spot! On any given day, you can see dog owners walking their furry friends on both concrete and non-concrete paths.

Although there are only three miles of concrete hiking trails, there are dozens of unpaved hiking trails to take as well if you have a more adventurous heart and mind. If you prefer these trails, your dogs are always welcome! There are many rest stops and beautiful views. The 200 acres is home to over twenty different types of birds that are happy to show off their feathers and songs during any season in Dallas, TX.

There’s Plenty of Great Dog Parks and Trails in Dallas, TX

In conclusion, if you are looking for trails near Dallas, Tx that are also dog and family friendly, you won’t have to look too hard! While I have touched upon five options, there are even more to choose from! Thankfully, Dallas, TX is a happy and friendly city filled with dog lovers and owners that understand that dogs need space to walk, stretch, and run.

If you are looking for a dog-friendly trail, just keep in mind that not all trails offer waste stations or doggy bags. This is especially true if you go on a weekend where it is more crowded. Typically, city services don’t work on the weekends and don’t get a chance to take out the trash or replace the doggy bags. Always carry water, a bowl, and a few extra bags for cleanup!

If you would like more insight or views on the best dog parks and trails in Dallas, TX, talk to our animal hospital team. We’ll be happy to tell you during your pet’s next visit. Give us a call at (214) 826-4166