Why is My Puppy Crying? A Guide to Puppy Language in Dallas, TX

It is such a sad sound to hear a small puppy cry and whine. There are logical and reasonable explanations as to why your cute puppy is crying out and they are not always concerning. It is best to keep a level head when you hear the sound and be ready to give your small puppy comfort.

Since dogs cannot speak our language, they rely on making sounds and changing their body language and posture. It is up to us as responsible and loving dog owners to decipher what our furry small friends need and want. One way they express their needs is by crying. Find out some of the reasons why puppies cry by reading our Dallas, TX, animal hospital’s article.

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3 Reasons Why Puppies Cry

When you hear your puppy cry, you should immediately stop what you are doing and go to them. Listed below are the three more likely causes.


Some dogs suffer from being nervous and anxious. It can make it hard to for them to function, especially when they are away from their owners. If you notice that your dog is whining and crying every time you leave the room, it could be a sign that they are either nervous or anxious.

It is best to try and help your puppy with these feelings. It is okay for your puppy to be nervous, but it should not completely engulf them and keep them from expressing other emotions. If they continue to feel nervous and anxious, it can develop into an anxiety disorder later on, which is harder to treat.

It may not be possible to completely get rid of the nervous feelings your puppy is feeling right away, so start with small steps to encourage them and let them know that being gone for hours is okay. Until your dog gets used to the fact that you are coming back though, they are likely going to continue to cry out.


Sometimes, sadness is what causes your puppy to cry. Some studies have shown that dogs display intelligent emotions just like humans. Some experts even believe that our pets, including dogs, can feel other people’s emotions and experience grief.

If your dog has gone through something hard recently, it could be the cause of their crying. For example, losing a pet friend can be tough on the owners, but it is tougher on the dog missing their friend without an explanation. It is likely you will see your dog search around for them while crying out in sadness and longing.

Feeling Pain

Dogs cannot explain what is going on with words, so they use their voices and their expressions. This is especially true if your dog is hurt. If your dog is experiencing pain because they have hurt themselves, they are likely to cry and whine.

It might not be so easy to locate the area where your dog is feeling this pain. Sometimes, pets will guide you by nudging the area or trying to cover the area with their paw. Be sure to slowly look around and lift your puppy to look for any injuries. Sometimes puppies are clumsy and do dangerous things like jumping from high locations.

How to Calm a Puppy

Once your puppy is crying, the only thing you can do is try and calm them down as long as they are not hurt. Try your best to hold them, pet them, and console them. Some puppies do not like being held and that is okay.

You can still bring your furry friend comfort by bringing them objects and toys they enjoy. Keep them company in the same room and make sure that they have a place to run to for comfort. A lot of dogs like having their own corners. These corners have walls that feel protective. It provides them with comfort and a sense of stability. If you see your dog gravitate to a corner, you can provide them with blankets, and treats.

Other Body Language to Consider 

Remember, just because your puppy is crying, it doesn’t mean they are feeling sad each time. It takes some sleuthing and overall body analysis to figure out what is causing a puppy to cry. Sometimes, it is best to also look at how your puppy is reacting (hair on their body, nervous look on their face, shaky legs, etc.) before making a decision.

Our Dallas, TX, Animal Hospital is Here to Help if Your Puppy is Crying Due to Medical Problems

All in all, puppies and dogs have an interesting way of showing and displaying emotion. It is not always easy to figure out what they want to tell us since one cry and noise can mean multiple things. No one likes to hear a puppy cry, but it is a necessary form of communication.

If you notice that your puppy is crying, you should focus on providing them with comfort and finding the exact cause. This is especially true if they are hurt and need help. Feel free to contact our animal hospital in Dallas, TX at (214) 826-4166 if you have questions or concerns.